Through our research, policy papers and reports, MAG shares over 35 years of expertise in humanitarian mine action and armed violence reduction.

We draw on evidence and experience from our global programmes in over 35 countries to identify areas where we can inform policy and improve sector good practice. Through campaigning and advocacy efforts, we want to see these insights affect positive change for the benefit of communities affected by violence, conflict and insecurity.  

Advocacy is the bedrock of our organisational identity: in 1992, MAG joined forces with other humanitarian organisations to form the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), which led to the adoption of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention. The ICBL received the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its efforts.

Almost three decades later, the driving force behind our research, policy, and advocacy remains strong. MAG representatives regularly participate in national and international conferences and forums, including at the UN. They engage in policy discussions and advocacy efforts to bring about positive change for the benefit of the people and communities we work with. 

Our digital library provides a range of publications that offer views on policy and practice and recommendations on how to address the causes and consequences of conflict and armed violence in communities around the world. 

See our latest research reports, journal articles, and policy briefs below.

Featured report: Humanitarian Mine Action and Food Security

info food security report

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