MAG normally spends one day every year reaching out to our incredible supporters to thank them for everything they have helped us achieve in the previous year.

We call it Thankathon.

But this year, one day isn't enough — we have decided to celebrate our supporters all week as we're delighted to announce that, together, we have helped more than 20 million people in 70 countries across the world.

Angola: Lunjakuti’s song for freedom

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MAG is currently working in more than 25 countries clearing landmines and unexploded bombs and teaching children how to stay safe from explosive dangers.

Every year, our teams make huge swathes of land safe for communities. 

Since 1989, MAG has released more than 6,000 square kilometres of land back to communities — an area more than four times the size of the Faroe Islands. And found and destroyed more than 5.5 million landmines, unexploded bombs and other explosive dangers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The freedom to return home after conflict

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“From Angola to Vietnam, MAG clearance teams put their lives on the line day in, day out, to make their communities safe," says Darren Cormack, MAG's CEO. "And it is our funders and supporters who make this life-saving work possible.”

"Not only does this work save lives, it means land can be returned to communities – from rebuilding schools and hospitals to growing crops.”

Laos: Clearing a safe path to education for girls and boys

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All this week, MAG will be contacting as many supporters as we can to say a huge thank you and sharing the stories of the work that has been done to give families back their futures, free from fear.